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The IRS is the most brutal collection agency on the planet. Would you go to court without a lawyer? That is what it’s like dealing with the IRS without expert representation. Call Tax Resolution Experts of America, Inc. and we will handle the IRS.


And, even though you may feel crushed by your IRS or state problem, do not "Go It Alone" because dealing with the IRS/State is like navigating a complex maze filled with treacherous twists and turns. Don't believe me? Take a look at the various complex processes that exist at the IRS in the image titled, "The Taxpayer Roadmap". 

Also, do not talk to any national tax resolution firm (we talk more about this below) until you chat with us.



We are fixers:

...and, like a skilled mechanic using the perfect wrench, our measured Triple-S approach involves three phases: Study, Satisfy, and Solve. These three phases help resolve your most painful and stressful IRS/State problems with extreme precision. Click here to learn more about the three phases of our Triple-S approach. 

Here are some solutions we will use to help you:

  • Installment Agreement - payment plans that allow you to pay over time
  • Offer-in-Compromise - allows you to pay a fraction of what you owe
  • Penalty Abatement - get rid of pesky penalties the IRS adds to your balance
  • Tax Audit Defense - stand in your place when the IRS disagrees with the tax return you submitted
  • Removal of Wage Garnishments & Levy Release - get back you paycheck or home when the IRS takes them away
  • Trust Fund Penalty Recovery - assist with helping you avoid 100% penalty for not remitting employee/employer Social Security and Medicare 
  • Unfiled Federal/State Tax Returns - file your back taxes so you can stay in compliance
  • Payroll Tax Problems - when you have fallen behind on remitting payroll taxes
  • Appeals Representation - get the IRS to reverse an audit and other decisions
  • Release, Discharge & Subordination of Liens - help you sell or refinance that property, i.e., your home, when the IRS puts a claim on it
  • Identity Theft/Tax Fraud Consulting - assist you or your company with identifying theft of company assets or fraud that may have led to a tax liability

The IRS/State knows they have money out there and are coming to get it from you; don't delay. Act now, call for a consultation!

Don't become a statistic (and definitely don't remain one):

Since 2015, the IRS has launched an aggressive enforcement program to collect back taxes. The number of taxpayers with IRS problems has risen exponentially, and is expected to keep growing. There are only a few companies that offer you support in these troubling times, and you may be tempted to go it alone. Don't do it!

The rules are complex, and the IRS agents are brutal. Our firm in NYC represents people like you all across the country.  Our lead consultant has stood in your shoes for many others…he knows what it's like to deal with the biggest and most intimidating collection agency in the world.

National tax resolution firms are so overwhelmed, detached, and some will drag out your case (a ploy to make more money). Ultimately, you will be just another number. You deserve the personalized service we provide. Our firm will treat you like family by working on your case with the passion, confidence and skill needed to get you the great results you deserve fast. You need to put this chapter behind you. So, why not put us in the driver's seat? Let us help you!


You need our help because the statistics below show the IRS is losing money (not to mention the states) and thus the reason they are so aggressive in their pursuits...

More facts by the numbers:

In 2017 

  • 590,249 levies were served on businesses & individuals (i.e., they took assets)
  • 446,378 liens were filed (people and businesses probably could not sell their assets even if they wanted or needed to)
  • $26.5 billion in penalties were assessed (this is where the IRS took more of people’s money for no good reason)
  • 62,000 offers in compromise were filed but only 25,000 were accepted (at a 40.3% acceptance rate, you stand to benefit from making an offer, where applicable)
  • There is a $458 billion “tax gap” (this is the tax gap the IRS needs to make up so that’s why they maintain an aggressive stance on collecting)

Dont delay, free yourself from the chains of the IRS...

Don't fall victim to their wrath. Get your head out of the sand. Free yourself from their bondage...get your problem resolved, forever!




W. Scully, CPA, P.C. puts our 20 years of experience and passion to work to solve your tax problems quickly and affordably. We offer a free initial consultation to review your case and explain your options. We generally work on a "flat" (fixed) fee basis, so you will know how much fees it will take to resolve your problem.

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